Upcoming Events

We welcome you to join Barbra at one of her upcoming speaking events. Barbra's speaking events offer a fun time with insightful information that you can use in your everyday life.

Join barbra at the 2019 and 2020 international woman evolve conference in denver, co. sarah jakes roberts’ transformational conference brings thousands of women throughout the world to hear nationally known speakers, attend various workshops and be inspired toward change.

barbra will head up a counseling team which meets with individuals who wish to “talk to a counselor.” she will also present two different workshops, “what do you need to unlearn?” and “how to set effective boundaries.” july 12-13, 2019 and july 11-12, 2020.

Note: I’m excited to re-launch “Yes! I Said No” in 2019 with a corresponding workbook and an audio-book! Stay tuned for more details.

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How To Deal With The End of a Relationship - Join me as I discuss this subject with Kirk Samuels, on his Free Indeed webinar March 30.

Check out Christi Miranda’s podcast PreachGirl! on Tuesday, March 19, when I will be her guest.

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 Here’s an opportunity to go behind the scenes of the book, Yes I Said No, How To Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Your Self Esteem and to make personal application for you. 

 Mark your calendar now for January 19.  I am honored to be part of the My Collective group with such intelligent and talented ladies who are making a difference in the world.

 For more information call 720-263-6257

  Lessons From Bees

Remembering Pastor Toure’ Roberts’ vision for 2018 of Thinking Big:

  • We are a big church

  • Focused on the big picture

  • Building big people

  • Making a big impact

    I will always remember the woman who said, “I attended class on Tuesday, and I read your daily reflection. Last Sunday I wanted to end it all but I went to church instead.” That’s why we do what we do - and how we impact people’s lives in a big way. And maybe we’ll hear about some of those impactful things we do; others we may never hear about but we serve, and we plant, and we sow. In the end, we’ll be building those big people and making a big impact in our church, our city and our world.

  • Something I read the other day says it well, and I call it “learning from bees.” Every creature in a beehive, every single honey bee, has a purpose — a role it follows its entire life. Guard bees protect the hives, nurse bees take care of the babies, and architect bees build the hive’s hexagon structure, making it mathematically perfect in every way. There are even undertaker bees who remove the dead from the hive and fly 100 yards to dispose of the bodies.

  • Certainly, humans have purpose in their lives. But why are bees so single-minded and committed to that purpose? It isn’t just for the good of the queen. It’s for the good of each other, for their whole community. That’s us — we’re here for the good of each other, for the whole community.

On-Line Conference

register at: www.mycollectiveconference.com

Join me as i present “3 things to stop; 3 things to start to be a highly effective woman

Saturday, october 20

Register for the “My Collective Conference” live on-line conference, Friday evening Oct. 19 and Saturday, October 20. I will be one of several dynamic speakers you can hear live and/or recorded to listen to at your leisure.

See “Barb’s Stories From the Couch” for an outline of my presentation.

Also see my facebook page - Barbra Ellen Russell - for a one-hour facebook live video with Christi Miranda as we talked about “men’s brains and women’s brains are different.” It’s funny, fascinating and I think mandatory information for both men and women as we work on communication and understanding.


Boundaries, Depression, Building Confidence  



Do you want to know more about setting boundaries, dealing with depression or building confidence?  I’ll be speaking on these topics in June and July and I’d love to connect with you.    

 v June 20 Uplift Her  - This live video conference sponsored by Kirk Samuels, author of “For Your Eyes Only” will be offered live at 6 a.m. and recorded for subscribers to hear later as well.  I will be talking about building confidence and how you care for others without carrying them.  Kirk offers these live video conferences twice monthly and you can subscribe for only $17 a month with no contract required.  Check out uplifther36.com and uplifthim36.com for more details.

  June 23 – I will be speaking at the “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Empowerment and Self-Defense Workshop” held at the Denver Red Shield Community Center.  This unique workshop will cover self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.  I’ll be talking about speaking up for yourself and how to be successful by investing in your body, your mind and your spirit.   Contact Vanessa Frazier at 720-460-5012.  Cost  - Only $5

 v July 13-14 Woman Evolve Conference – Sarah Jakes Roberts is hosting this amazing two-day conference, to equip women through spiritual and practical development, in an environment of sisterhood and community, with the tools necessary to evolve into the highest version of themselves.

v I am honored to be sharing the stage with Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.  She will be talking about her own personal struggle with depression and I will address what happens in our brains when we’re depressed, what to look for in the way of symptoms and what clinical, physical, spiritual and emotional steps to take to maintain a positive outlook on life.  Cost for entire conference - $99-$179.  Womanevolve.com

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  • –Living Well with Dr. Peg – Why does he/she do things the way they do things? – Radio broadcast – KLZ 560 am


  • September 28-29 - We'll be talking about those communication and gender differences between men and women in "His Brain, Her Brain" at the Whole and Free Conference held at Bridgeway Church. This conference involves healing, taking souls, talking real stuff. Friday night 6 p.m, Saturday 9 a.m. Tickets range from early bird prices of $39.00 up to $59.0

  • The Collective Conference - This unique on-line video conference is being hosted on October 19-20, and I'm delighted to be a part of the many speakers, special events and vendors. More details later.



Wednesday, april 4, 2018

Barbra will be presenting at His Love Fellowship, located at 910 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204. Barbra will be to speaking to the Mom’s Group on the topic "To Be Successful, Invest In Yourself"


Friday & Saturday, july 13-14, 2018

 Sarah Jakes Roberts is hosting the “Woman Evolve” conference at the Potter’s House; of Denver located at 9495 E. Florida Ave. Denver, CO 80247.  Barbra will be presenting a workshop on the 13th.   More details to follow in the upcoming months.