Barbra Russell, MA, LPC  Counselor/Author/Speaker

Barbra Russell, MA, LPC


2019 Speaking Topics:

Communication and conflict resolution - 10 skills you need

counselor training skills - do you really listen?

anxiety, depression and bipolar

stressed and depressed - what can you do?

Helping kids deal with traumatic events-Mom’s group

"what do you need to un-learn?” and “how to set effective boundaries” at international woman evolve conference

“how to create a vision board” - Equipping leaders class

“Yes! I Said No! How To Set Healthy boundaries and increase your self esteem - master class for the my collective conference”

communication between the sexes - potters house espanol

“Two stops before you start” - Lessons from the life of moses — (1) stop hiding in your hurt; (2) stop doubting yourself and being afraid, (3) start anew - potters house

‘Parenting to change patterns” - mom’s meeting at his love fellowship

"dealing with the end of a relationship” - webinar with kirk samuels, free indeed

2018 Speaking Topics:

Wholeness and the kintsugi japanese concept that broken objects, repaired with gold, become more unique and beautiful. 

Living Loved conference -- "Yes! i said no! -- How to set healthy boundaries and increase your self esteem"

 "high altitude" - a challenge to spiritual growth and emotional health

 "setting healthy boundaries" - 8 week class

"highly effective leadership"

"why is it so hard to say no?" 

"Do you have a healthy self? 10 things to look for"

"The Power of you!"

 "kids: what you need to know about safety and the signs of depression"

"disc personality types & spiritual gifts"-

"The power of words" - fearfully and wonderfully made conference

uplift her - free indeed video conference - "building confidence in learning to care for people without carrying them"

woman evolve conference - "what happens in your brain when you're depressed?"

"understanding personality types" - the club fairway villas

whole and free women's conference - "his brain, her brain"

the collective conference - on line conference - "yes! i said no! how to set healthy boundaries and increase your self esteem"

“Three things to stop; three things to start to be a highly effective woman.”

“learning from bees” - ordination reflection at Potter’s house church of denver

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Hear the first radio interview for my newly published book, "Yes! I Said No!"

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Recorded at the Overcoming Addictions Conference by Mental Health Radio. 


Advanced Leadership Training

Making a difference in the lives of people by being prepared to serve enables you to change someone else's life for the better.   January - May



Advanced Leadership Training


·        You Are the CEO of your Team – Chief Emotional Officer

·        Using the DISC personality assessment at home, school or work

·        Success Habits

·        Emotional and Spiritual Maturity

·        The GIFT, God’s Way – How to Live A Happier, More Fulfilled Life

·        Five Step Process of Forgiveness

·        Three Steps to Effective Communication

·        Be What You Want Others to Become



often requested topics:

Highly Effective Women

Ministry and Marriage

Highly Effective Leadership

Advanced Leadership Training

How Do I Forgive?

Three Steps to Setting Boundaries

Stress Management In A Crazy World

Finding Acceptance In Each Season of Life

Change Your Life With A GIFT - G (Gratitude), I (Intention), F (Faith), T (Train Your Brain)

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