it's never too late

Yes! I Said No! - How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Your Self Esteem - has won two awards!!

I’m excited today - my book #YesISaidNo - my first book ever — has won another award in the Reader’s Favorites relationships category. Here’s how you can get your copy:

I didn’t always wish to be an author, and I didn’t publish my first book until a couple of years ago — I won’t tell you at what age, but I’m not a spring chicken as the old saying goes. (And my using that old phrase should give you a clue :)

I say that to remind you — you’re never too old; it’s never too late; and if you decide to go after something, don’t give up until you accomplish it. And somethings — especially those important to you — you do for the pleasure of doing it. I’m now posting an inspirational piece on social media every day — facebook, twitter and instagram, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of positive feedback saying those posts have been helpful and made a difference in someone’s life. Well, I had just decided I’ve gone through some stuff, I’ve learned a lot and why not share some of that? It’s been a challenge and something I relish accomplishing every morning. It’s a blessing to me and to others. So - also as another saying goes — Just Do It!